• Registration for the 2019-2020 school year 

    Welcome to Gulfport High School.  In order to the make registration process go smoothly, let us share with you the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS you must provide to us before we can enroll your child.  We will make copies for our files.
    1. Your child's BIRTH CERTIFICATE
    2. Your child's SOCIAL SECURITY CARD
    3. Your child's MISSISSIPPI IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE FORM 121 available through you healthcare Providers, Health Department, Pediatrician, or Family Practitioner.  WE MUST HAVE AN ORIGINAL, NOT A COPY
    4. Parent/Guardian's ID
    5. FIRST PROOF FOR RESIDENCY - Mortgage/Property Deed, Apartment/House Lease, Homestead Exemption Form, Military Housing, or *Affidavit of residency.*(with Affidavit, person signing must provide (2) current proofs of address) **Apartment/House Lease - ALL OCCUPANTS MUST BE LISTED ON LEASE**
    6. SECOND PROOF OF RESIDENCY - utility Bill with home's physical address on it.  (electrical, gas, water, telephone, cable) Post Office Box addresses are not acceptable.  **current bill no more than 45 days old
    7. LEGAL PAPER WORK - such as Custody, Adoption, name changes, Guardianship, etc.
    8. If enrolling BEFORE the first day of school - Final Grades from previous school
    9. If enrolling DURING the school year - Withdrawal form from previous school showing semester grades and current grades.