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Virtual Learning Tech Tips

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Teachers: Top Features for Securing Your Virtual Classrooms & Enhancing Students’ Learning Experiences

August 20, 2020 Article (6 minute read)

How to Sanitize Your EdTech Equipment

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Sanitizing Your EdTech Equipment

Zoom Tips

  • By default, your waiting room is enabled.
  • Monitor your waiting room carefully before admitting participants.
  • Consider assigning a trustworthy co-host who can assist you in monitoring your waiting room.
  • Disable the screenshare feature for participants.


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Google Classroom Tips

  • Customize notifications in Settings.
  • Communicate with individual students or an entire class on the Stream.
  • Turn off assignments from posting to the Stream, making it for announcements only.
  • Connect parents to Google Classroom with Guardian Summaries.
  • Use weekly topics to organize your assignments.
  • Schedule assignment posts in advance. 
  • Create quiz assignments using Google Forms.
  • Check how your assignments look from the students' point-of-view.
  • Use the Google Classroom folder in the Google Drive to quickly review and grade assignments.
  • Use the comment bank to speed up feedback.