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Technology Support Services

TSSB Building
Support Services Building 
2014 Pass Road
Gulfport, MS 39501 
Phone:  (228) 865-4671
Fax:  (228) 865-1930
Director of Technology
Dr. Jane Thompson
Our Mission
Inspire each student to become a problem solver, lifelong learner, and productive member of society.  
Our Goal

The Technology Department of the Gulfport School District aims to achieve several key objectives to enhance the use of technology in education. Firstly, we prioritize upgrading our network infrastructure to ensure reliable connectivity for all students and staff members. Additionally, we strive to increase the availability of devices such as laptops or tablets to ensure equitable access to technology for all students. A crucial aspect of our mission involves developing and implementing programs to enhance digital literacy skills among students and teachers, including training on software applications and online safety. We are committed to fostering innovation by encouraging the integration of technology into teaching practices to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. Furthermore, cybersecurity remains a top priority, and we continuously work to enhance cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and ensure the privacy of students and staff members. Our efforts also extend to supporting professional development by providing ongoing training and support for teachers and staff to effectively integrate technology into curriculum delivery. Additionally, we aim to engage parents in their children's learning through technology by implementing strategies that provide resources and communication platforms. Lastly, we prioritize continuous evaluation and adaptation, regularly assessing the effectiveness of our technology initiatives and adjusting strategies as needed to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.

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