• The English as a Second Language program of Gulfport School District uses a supplemental computer program as part of its curriculum called Imagine Learning.  This program is used in conjunction with classroom instruction to boost student learning.  Imagine Learning can be accessed in school and at home with an internet connection and a device.  Below you will find information about the program as well as how to access this program at home.  If you are planning to use Imagine Learning at home please keep in mind that it is catered specifically to your child.  No one else in the home should be using the program as it will effect the difficulty of the program.  Of course, parents and siblings are welcome to work on the program with the child, but the lessons should be geared to the level of the child who has the account.
    In addition to Imagine Learning, we offer Rosetta Stone accounts for use by parents of ESL students. To request an account, attend one of our ESL Parent Nights or speak to your child's ESL teacher. You can read information about Rosetta Stone below. Also following are instructions for how to access an existing Rosetta Stone parent account. 
    Rosetta Stone
     Rosetta Stone
    According to their website, "Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning and is widely recognized today as the industry leader in providing effective language programs. The company's cloud-based programs allow users to learn online or on-the-go via tablet or smartphone, whether in a classroom, in a corporate setting, or in a personal learning environment."
    In order to use Rosetta Stone at home, two paths are available.  
    1) Through a browser
    b) Type in your username and password.
    c) Connect USB Headphones or use built in microphone and speaker.
    2)  Through an application
    a) Download the Rosetta Stone application.
    b) Open the application.
    c) Click on 'Enterprise and Education Learners'.
    d) Enter your username and password.  Next to the house enter 'gulfport'.
     Imagine Learning
    Imagine Learning
    According to their website, "Imagine Learning is an engaging language and literacy software program that accelerates English learning. Focused on oral language, academic vocabulary, instruction in the five essential components of reading, and strategic first-language support—it spells success for students everywhere."
    Students can access their Imagine Learning accounts one way.
    1) Through the application
    b) Click on 'Device Downloads'.
    c)  Click on which device you are using under 'Imagine Learning'.
    d) Follow directions to download.
    e)  Enter Site Code. Please email gsd.esl@gulfportschools.org or speak to your child's ESL teacher to receive site code .  In the email, please include your name, the name of your child, and your child's school. The email does not have to be in English.
    f) Enter student's username and password.