Gulfport High



    Course: STEM English  Unit of Study: Edgenuity Writing with a Purpose

    What’s Happening This Week:







    ·       Weekly Assignments and Due Dates:

     Vocabulary - New List every Monday
    In class Essays Monday August 24
    Tuesday - 3 Week Test on Edulastic
    Wednesday Determining Tone
    Thursday- Progress Check point
    Friday- Notebook check
     Small Group Planning all week
    Project Based Learning continues with MATE ROV /LEO SEAL 
               Collaboration weekly with Mr. Brawley in the Engineering Lab on Monday and Wednesday.
    Aluminum boat renovation  ongoing: Engine rewire
    Floating bed renovation and tomato planting.
    Tiny House upgrades.
    Teams will work together 
    Needed for Class: 3 Subject notebook
                                  Flash Drive
                                  Good attitude 
    All publications must follow these guidelines:

    12 point font


    Black ink

    Name and date in header

    ·       Test Dates:

    Vocabulary lists are student driven and content driven, from the readings or vocabulary.com, posted on whiteboard daily.
    Once words appear on board, students are responsible. 


    ·       Homework for the Week:  

        Resume Reference contact





    Important Information:

    I am available before school any day by appointment.


                5th block I may be found with the soccer team.


    Late assignments may be place in my teacher box in the main office.