• From Small Seeds Grow Mighty Trees



    English as a Second Language Departmental Expectations

    We Commit To...


    • Serve our children in a multitude of capacities 

      • Celebrate Growth

      • Facilitate communication for our scholars to survive and thrive 

      • Foster inclusion and integrate our students into general population through opportunities within our schools

      • Hold students to high expectations to show what is possible.

      • Give our attention and create spaces of belonging

      • Be on time and be present for our children

    • Be an advocate to our students and parents

      • Communicate important school information and progress

      • Partner and inform General Education teachers about our scholars

      • Providing resources to empower our community

      • Create opportunities for engagement outside of the school setting for students and parents

    • Embrace each other and support our team members

      • Assume the best in our colleagues and give grace and mercy.

      • Address issues directly, in private and professionally

      • Intentionally make time to collaborate and peer review each other’s work to produce high quality products

      • Capitalize on one another’s strengths to improve the capacity of the team.

      • Constantly striving toward a true PLC model; sharing resources, peer observation and feedback.

      • Assisting one another in facilitating relationships and communication with our families. 


    Updated 7.30.2020