Week 09

    Course: Automotive Service Technician 1 & 2


    You have homework to do!!!

    We are going to continue electricity this week!

    9 Week Exams this week!!

    Steering & Suspension test is past due.


    Parents -  it is up to you to keep up with your

    child's grades,attendance, and dress code

    enforcement!  PLEASE make sure they are

    doing their classwork and homework!


    If you wish to join Skills USA, please pay the dues

    to Mr. Gertz.


    We shall learn about tools and electricity in the

    shop this week.


    Parents, it is IMPERATIVE that your child

    wear the proper shoes to class and

    behave responsibly!!!


    Please talk with your child about proper classroom

    behavior. Constant talking during lessons will be

    written up as a class disturbance.


    Please read the "Admiral News" to see

    what is going on around campus. https://www.smore.com/hnmpt3  


    * It is your child's responsibility to be on time

    to each class.

    * Strict attendance will be taken.

    * Students must be inside the class door before the

    bell rings!

    * Students must wear proper shoes to class. This

    will be graded strictly always.



    Weekly lesson plans can be found under the

    "lesson plans" tab to the left.



    Grades are always available on the line.


    Parents, please have your children keep their

    assignments caught up!  Missing tests can be

    found in the google classroom.


    Please find pertinent information for your child's

    academic success using the hyperlinks to the left!


    Mr. Caylor can be reached at: