•  WEEK of 5/6/2019

     Integrated Science II (Biology) with Mrs. Flores


    After School Tutoring - Thursdays, 3:35-4:30

    Morning tutoring available from 7:45-8:20am by appointment.

    Last day of Academic Recovery  is Monday, May 6th.



    Students have one week upon returning to class to make up a missed test. Failure to make up the test withing that week will result in a permanent zero in the gradebook for that assessment.



    What We’re Doing this Week:


     Image result for earthworm dissection clipart


    Monday: Gummy Bear Dissection, Anatomical Terms/Directional Terms

    HW -  Review terms


    Tuesday: Earthworm Pre-Lab Discussion w/Notes

    HW - Review Earthworm notes



    Wednesday: Earthworm Dissections


    HW – Study for Earthworm quiz, complete lab packet - due tomorrow!

    Thursday: Earthworm Quiz, Crayfish Notes

    HW – Review Crayfish notes


    Image result for crawfish clipart



    Friday: Crayfish Dissection
    HW - Complete llab packet, study for Monday's Crayfish Quiz




    Biology State Test begins on April 30th!!!

    Image result for frog studying library reading with pencil pic
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  • Tutoring Days
        I am available for tutoring each Thursday after school from 3:35-4:30pm. I am also available before school by appointment, usually 7:35am to 8:00am. If you need to make up a test, come to Academic Recovery on Mondays from 3:45pm-5:45pm.