Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Lisa Wolverton

Choose to MOVE and keep MOVING! Hello, I am Coach Lisa Wolverton. I am in my 19th year as a Physical Education Educator. I am proud to be a graduate of Mississippi State University. Also, on August 10, 2005, I received my Masters of Arts and Education from William Carey with an emphasis in Physical Education. I enjoy the excitment of P.E. It's always changing. We exericise, move, and experience a variety of skills associated with sports and experience a variety of games. While in P.E., students participate an assortment of hand/eye coordination activities that allow us to strive to improve students academically while having FUN! We also emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork. Although we have a great amount of fun in P.E., we realize the serious effect the influence and impact middle school physical education has on our students as they learn to make healthy eating and activity choices that will stay with them for life. It is my pleasure and privilege to serve the students and parents of the Gulfport School District. My own five children have graduated from and/or are currently benefitting by attending Gulfport schools, one of the best school districts in the nation! Feel free to join us anytime and get MOVING with us!