Keep Calm

Zero Cyberbullying Tolerance


    NetSmartz Workshop: Here you may find parent & teacher resources to teach our children how to defend against cyberbullying threats.  They include age-appropriate mixed media powerpoints, forms, and real life testimonial videos for embeding into lessons.

    This website defines cyberbullying as follows:
    "Cyberbullying is just what it sounds like - bullying through Internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging (IM), social networking sites, and cell phones. It can start easily—with a rumor, a photo, or a forwarded message—and just as easily spiral out of control. An embarrassing video posted to a social networking site by someone in Kansas tonight may be watched by someone in Japan tomorrow. Cyberbullying victims may be targeted anywhere, at any time." Copyright © 2001-2015 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

    Here one may find the Dear Colleague Letter: Harassment and Bullying

    This website includes the following terms:

    Specification of Prohibited Conduct 

    "Provides a specific definition of bullying that includes a clear definition of cyberbullying. The definition of bullying includes a non-exclusive list of specific behaviors that constitute bullying, and specifies that bullying includes intentional efforts to harm one or more individuals, may be direct or indirect, is not limited to behaviors that cause physical harm, and may be verbal (including oral and written language) or non-verbal. The definition of bullying can be easily understood and interpreted by school boards, policymakers, school administrators, school staff, students, students’ families, and the community."

    Furthermore MS law states this:

    "Prohibited Conduct also includes:
    Retaliation for asserting or alleging an act of bullying.
    Perpetuating bullying or harassing conduct by spreading hurtful or demeaning material even if the material was created by another person (e.g., forwarding offensive e-mails or text messages)."