•     As teachers at Pass Road Elementary we are responsible for helping educate our future educators, public service employees, doctors, lawyers, personal service technicians, professional service technicians, clergy, community and U.S. leaders, etc..  In the tight economy of today, this task is getting more and more expensive every day.  We have always relied on our parents and partners in education to lend aid in easing some of the burden, but never more than now.

        I would like to thank some very special people who have helped tremendously with our Math/Technology Lab needs.  First and foremost I thank our fabulous parents and PTA, without whose support nothing we do would possibly be achieved.  I would also like to give special thanks to the following for helping with supplies that we use on a daily basis in the Lab:

             The Other Shop who donated plant pots and pot holder cases to help with counting and place value

             White Caps Restaurant who donated oyster shells to help with counting, addition, and creating "sets of ten"

             Island View Casino who donated cards and dice to help with counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and general math game playing

             Top Hat Chimney Sweeps who donated river rocks as a different type of writing surface for practicing math sentences and formulas

             Gulfport Tennis Club for used tennis balls to help with understanding math sentences and concepts

             Cellular Surgeon for used cell phone keypads to help with practicing math sentences using real-world, contemporary objects

                Most especially my husband and daughter for their unending spiritual, physical, and financial support with technology items, supplies, manipulatives, and ideas needed to help the Lab run as smoothly as possible as well as their firm belief in my endeavors and in me

         Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Without you, I would not ever be able to accomplish even half of my aspirations for making an educational impact.