• 2021-2022 Syllabus

    Automotive Service Technician I & II

    Maintenance & Light Repair

    Instructor: Mr. Robert Caylor, M.S., Master ASE, National Board Certified Teacher


    Rooms 209 & 210


    Course Description:

    Automotive Service Technician’s Maintenance & Light Repair is a two year instructional program that prepares students for entry-

    level employment positions in the automotive repair and service industry or for entry into post-

    secondary Automotive Technology programs. This program consists of two academic year courses. The first course in the program includes

    instruction in the foundation skills related to safety, tools and equipment usage,

    measurement, basic automotive service, engines, brakes, automatic and manual drive trains, batteries, starters, & charging, and electrical system

    service. The second course provides students with skills related to engine mechanical

    performance and steering and suspension systems, along with more advanced electrical service, advanced performance, and HVAC. All students

    must take the state CPAS test as their final exam, in the late spring, and there are no



    No matter which way you wish to phrase it, these are my class

    Non-Negotiables, Go/No Go

    items, Expectations,Iron-Clad Rules:

    All students need to have the following supplies every day:

    Go Items:

    * coveralls To promote a team driven work environment, each student should have a pair of coveralls. This will keep them from ruining their

    school cloths (we work around grease and oil).

    * a 1 inch wide three ring binder w/ tabbed dividers and loose-leaf paper

    * a hard bound composition notebook—to serve as a journal - not spiral bound, nor looseleaf!

    * a Pen

    * safety glasses (supplied by instructor)

    * closed toe shoes - not crocs, slides, sandals, flip-flops, thongs, etc.


    NO-Go Items: (These items are not allowed in either the classroom or the shop - that means walking through the door with them)

    * open toe shoes

    * head coverings of any type - includes caps, do-rags, wraps, hoodies over the head, cowboy hats, skull caps

    * clothng not conforming to school dress code

    * head phones, ear buds, air pods, bluetooth or wired listening devices, or ear phones

    * oversized clothing, sagging clothing, clothing with strings


    If you can not commit to conforming to the class expectationsyou will be removed from the class permanently.


    MANDATORY Lab Fee of $20.00. This will cover the costs of protective eye wear, expendable shop supplies used by students, a class shirt, and

    if funds permit, at the end of the year, a class barbecue. This fee is payable by cash

    or check.  It is due before the end of the first 9 weeks.




    Grades will come from punctuality, bellwork, assigned projects, quizzes, tests, performance evaluations (participation), attitude/appearance,

    binder checks, Todaysclass.com assignments, ICEV assignments, exams on Canvas,

    and MOST IMPORTANTLY – wearing proper personal protective equipment daily!!! There will be bellwork (a journal) assigned every day. This will

    be graded 3 times per each 9 weeks. It is demanded that students use proper

    grammar and sentence structure, along with clarity of thought in keeping up with their journals.

    The Automotive class is part of Team STEM, consisting of our class, construction, engineering & robotics, advanced sciences, mathematics,

    English, and history. We shall be meeting monthly, in large groups. We shall start this year

    by breaking into groups and working on group projects. There will be up to 6 projects assigned per student each semester (one every 3 weeks).

    Students will be inspired to think creatively, and hopefully, come up with their own ideas

    for projects—aligned within a major theme. Our first project theme will be Safety. Grading rubrics and check points for expected progress will be

    given out at the onset of the project. Students will also take notes and secure handouts

    and other materials in their binders for a grade. There will be several formative and summative tests during each nine weeks.

    Students entering Automotive Service Technology are highly encouraged to become members of SkillsUSA—a student service organization that

    teaches leadership, community service, professional development, and competitive

    skills. There will be a district wide competition in the spring semester at which our students will have the opportunity to pit their skills and abilities

    against most other schools in the district. Winners here go on to state and even national

    competition. Cost of membership in SKILLS USA is $20.00 due by October 5.

     Classroom Rules:

    Students will be given a Classroom Rules Handout to be signed.

    * This is not a fashion class. Students are to dress appropriately for this class (see Go/NoGo rules above). This means protective clothing,

    shoes, and protective eye wear while in the shop area. Protective clothing means coveralls

    or long pants and work-type shirt - no "hoodies" or loose, baggy clothing, or clothing with strings, as these could get caught in moving parts

    and cause serious injury. No open-toe shoes or sandals are allowed at all, period! If

    students can not commit to dressing appropriately for entry into the shop, they will be removed from the class permanently and receive a grade of

    zero.  After the third warning about safety violations, students will be recommended for

    removal from the program. At all times, school dress code will apply. Students wearing inappropriate or skimpy or revealing clothing will be

    removed from the classroom.

    * Cell phones are to be placed into the hanging receptacle next to the door upon entry to the classroom.  Cellphones are a danger to the personal

    safety of the students in shop, as vehicles are always being moved.  This class

    demands the utmost attention at all times!.

    * Vaping, use of inhalants, or tobacco are not allowed in any form.

    * Eating and drinking will be allowed in the classroom until it becomes a time-wasting distraction, at which point it will be discontinued for the year.

    However, no food or drink is allowed in the shop area, bathrooms, or tool room.

    DON’T be late to class for buying/obtaining food, or it will be discontinued for everyone!

    * Headphones, ear buds, and/or clip-on ear pieces are not allowed on campus at any time!!!!

    * Students are to show proper respect at all times.

    * NO Profanity or Vulgar Language!!! I do not swear, and I expect the same from those I'm around.

    These are the consequences for breaking rules:

    1st offense - remind student, notation in students discipline folder

    2ndoffense - parent conference with student and referral to administrator

    There is a zero tolerance policy with bad behavior! In the unlikely event that a first offense is severe (i.e., fighting or other unsafe behavior,

    extreme disrespect, cheating, etc.), the student will immediately be removed from the

    classroom by an administrator or resource officer, and will not be allowed back to the classroom until a conference with the parent or guardian has

    been held. In extreme cases, I shall remove students from the Automotive program,

    with a loss of credits that would have counted towards graduation.


    All 2nd year students will be required to attain a certification in Maintenance and Light Repair offered by ASE, which certifies them to work at

    almost any automotive repair facility. This will be a major project grade for them for the

    end of the year. 

    Students who score 60% or better for two years in a row on the state CPAS exam will automatically be eligible for the free ASE bank of automotive

    technician tests.  This is about a $1000.00 value.  Students who are officers in SkillsUSA or have been in the organization for two years will

    receive an

    honor cord and stole to be worn at graduation their senior year.  Students who complete two years of the program and are members of SkillsUSA

    and have required grades are eligible for scholarships from all community/Jr. colleges in the state of Mississippi.  1st place winners at SkillsUSA

    state competition will automatically receive full tuition to Mississippi junior colleges.