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     It's now week 21.
    There will be a Seminar on Thursday!
    You made a committment to adhere to the rules of this class. You MUST be on time to class and be respectful to others by not talking constantly- it will affect your grade! Please stop breaking tools and equipment!
    We shall be taking notes on Suspension or Drivetrains this week. 
     Class rules (also on syllabus):


    Failure to conform to class/school rules and behavior will result in a referral with no further warnings.
    1) Be on time!
    2) Cell phones go in the hanger.
    3) Start your bellwork right away.
    4) No hoodies on heads.
    5) No Sleeping in class/no heads on         desks.
    6) Be respectful to others.
    7) Don't talk during announcements         or while the instructor is speaking.
    8) Never EVER enter room 209 with         food or drinks. Breakfast ends at         8:20.
    9) Never EVER enter room 209 or             210 with un-safe shoes (see                 syllabus)!
    Don't forget - after school tutoring on Mondays.


    STUDENTS -   You can reach me at:
    DO NOT call or text my personal phone!
    My tutoring day is Monday after school.
    If you want to discuss post-secondary opportunities for students, please contact me! A good source for scholarships is mikeroweworks.com.
    Please read and open each link to the left.  
    Please make sure to keep up with all assignments.
    I can be reached at robert.caylor@gulfportschools.org




Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert E. Caylor, NBCT, Master ASE Technician

Mr. Caylor achieved his National Board for Professional Teaching Standards qualifications in Novemnber of 2014.  He graduated from MGCCC in 1987 (AA degree), USM in 1990 (BS degree), and USM in 1992 (Master's degree).  He owned his own business, Gulf Coast Auto Air, for 12 years until the business was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  He began teaching Automotive Technology at Gulfport High School in 2006.