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     Dress Code Reminder
    All young men are to have shirts tucked, and no sagging pants are allowed.  Young ladies need to be mindful of the appropriate length (no shorter than 4 inches above the knee) of shorts, skirts, and dresses.  Razor-back shirts and spaghetti strap shirts are not permitted.  Cleavage must not be exposed.  
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Upcoming Dates


    Student Dress Code Reminders:
    NO hats or head coverings allowed
    Men - tuck in shirts
    Ladies - shorts and skirts should be appropriate length
    NO headphones  
    April 15
    MAAP English Re-testers (library)
    April 16
    Progress Reports
    MAAP US History 
    April 17
    MAAP US History
    April 18
    MAAP Make-up (library)
    DECA Lunchon
    April 19
    Good Friday Holiday
    April 22-26
    Spring Break 
    April 30
    MAAP Biology
    May 1
    CTE Pro-Start Certification
    Tupelo Visit
    MAAP Biology
    May 2
    Superintendent Banquet (invitation only)
    BVMS Spring Concert
    MAAP English
    May 3
    MAAP English
    May 6
    AP US Government and Politics 8:20 (library)
    MAAP English
    May 7
    AP Spanish Lang. and Culture 8:20 (library)
    MAAP English
    May 8
    AP English Lit. and Comp. 8:20 (library)
    AP French Lang. and Culture 12:30 (library)
    MAAP Make-up
    May 9
    AP Chemistry 8:20 (library)
    AP Spanish Lit. and Culture 8:20 (library lab)
    MAAP Algebra
    May 10
    AP US History 8:20 (library/courtroom)
    MAAP Algebra
    May 13
    AP Biology 8:20 (library)
    AP Physics C: Maehanics 12:30 (library)
    MAAP Algebra
    May 14
    AP Calculus AB 8:20 (library)
    AP Art History 12:30 (library)
    MAAP Algebra
    May 15
    AP English Lang. and Composition 8:20 (library/room 114)
    MAAP Make-up
    May 16
    AP Comparative Govt. and Politics 8:20 (room 115)
    AP World History 8:20 (library/room 114)
    AP Statistice 12:30 (library)
    May 17
    AP Music Theory 8:20 (library)
    MAAP Make-up
    Tutoring will be on Monday, and Wednesday, from 3:35-4:30.
    A pass from your tutoring teacher is required to ride the bus!  


  • The Gulfport School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability in the provision of educational programs and services or employment opportunities and benefits.