Contact Me and Classroom Procedures

  • Communication is highly important to me and crucial for your  child's success. It is for this reason I will try to maintain a clear and concise communication with the parents and guardians. I will use School Status and email to communicate with you. If you need to speak with me, call the school on 228-870-1035. My email is

    Mr Gomez Zoom Information:

    Meeting ID: 979 4448 8686

    Passcode: tM3z8X


    Classroom Procedures:

    Starting class: 

    (1) Enter the class quietly and put your phone in your numbered slot and take your seat.

    (2) Check Today's Agenda for the day'sactivities and get out the material neede to complete your work

    (3) Complete work and be prepared to discuss the Bell Work


    During Class:

    (1) Check the board for today's assignment and focus on work.

    (2) If you need to get up to throw something out, get a tissue or anything else, raise your hand and get permission before hand.

    (3) Do not blurt out answers and wait to be called upon.



    I will give you ample time to finish your classwork in class. I will not assign homework.


    Ending Class:

    (1) Complete your Exit Ticket.

    (2) Wait quietly until I dismiss you. Remember, the teacher dismisses you, not the bell.

    (3) You can use this time to complete your assignment to turn in.