• Mrs. Angela S. Comer 

    (228) 865-4633 (Main Office)


    8th Grade Bayou View Middle School Team 2-Room 108

    The best way to reach me is by email or responding through school status


    Homework Expectations

    Students will be Assigned Homework for the week on Monday, it will be due on Friday and counts as a daily grade. 

    Students are also responsible for making up work when they are absent, completing any unfinished classwork, and studying their notes nightly.

    Although students are provided time in class to meet their I-Ready requirements, spending additional time on I-Ready lessons is a good way to receive additional ELA instruction and decrease any gaps in knowledge. Students may log in to I-Ready and complete lessons at home. They should be aware of their username and password. Parents may contact Mrs. Comer or any other member of Team 2 with additional questions regarding I-Ready


    Following the fall I-Ready Reading diagnostic, students will be assigned tutorial time during one or more elective periods per week.

    Students who are having difficulty maintaining their grades or understanding content will be also be offered tutorial options during academic intercessions. Information about this will be provided as it becomes available. 

    Classroom Behavior

    Students are expected to behave in a manner appropriate for the classroom setting. This includes participating in classroom activities and assignments, treating the teacher and fellow students with respect and following all applicable school rules. Students and parents are provided a student handbook that includes the code of conduct at the beginning of each school year. The secondary student handbook can also be accessed at any time from the Gulfport School District website. 

    Grading Policy


    Homework/Daily Grades- 30%
    Test Grades- 70%

    Grading Scale
    3.6-4.00 A
    3.2-3.59 B
    2.8-3.19 C
    2.6-2.79 D
    Below 2.6 --- F