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    Should you need to schedule language support, please check for availability within the calendly link and provide requested information.


    SAYHI is also a great application for translation using your phone to be able to communicate directly with parents.
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    In order to provide accurate communication between you and the parents, we have listed some tips on how to convey information through an interpreter.

    1. Meet with the interpreter ahead of time to go over the purpose or objective of the meeting.

    2. Be concise and speak in short segments so the interpreter can communicate all the information for you accurately. This method reduces repetition, additional questions, and minimizes the need for additional conference time.

    3. If technical jargon is to be used, we ask that you provide this information before the meeting so the interpreter is familiar with the terminology.

    4. Speak directly to the parent and not the interpreter. You and the parents can communicate directly with each other as if the interpreter was not there. (Interpreter should be on the side of parents facing you)

    5. Everything you say will be interpreted. Avoid interrupting the interpreter while he/she is interpreting. 6. Avoid side bar conversations with other members of the team during the meeting.

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