September 19th--September 23rd Lesson Plans

  • Lesson Plans for the Week of September 19th--September 23rd

    Essential Question: How does one find courage in the face of fear?


    RI 6.4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in an informational text

    RL 6.4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text; including figurative and connotative meaning

    RL 6.2: Determine the theme of a story

    RL 6.3: Describe how plot unfolds in a series of episodes

    W 6.3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences through descriptive detail, effective technique, and well-structured event sequence

    RI 6.1: Cite text evidence to support the analysis of what the text says explicitly 

    RI: 6.2: Determine a central idea; provide a summary of the text 

    Monday, September 19th:

    • BW: Grammar Workbook: identifying Linking Verbs 
    • TI: TTW review over figurative meaning, connotative meaning, and technical meaning for informational text
    • GP: TSW be assigned iReady Reading Lesson: Determining Word Meaning in Informational Text
    • GP: TSW work on the guided instructions with the teacher
    • IP: TSW answer the quiz of the iReady lesson (Daily Grade)
    • GP: TSW work on the guided instructions lesson for Developing the Theme of the story iReady lesson
    • IP: TSW answer the quiz 
    • Extra Credit: TTW give the students a NewsELA article. The students must answer the standard-based quiz and write a short article summary. The extra credit points will go towards one of the two writing assignments that was given this quarter. This will be due Thursday, September 22nd. 

    Tuesday, September 20th:

    • BW: Log into Edulastic app 
    • IP: TSW take the ELA DCA (Assessment Grade)
    • Early Finishers: TSW continue working on their Creative Narrative 

    Wednesday, September 21st

    • BW: Grammar Workbook: Identifying Adverbs
    • TI: TTW introduce the peer editing revision checklist to students
    • GP: TSW use the basic grammar checklist to fix grammar mistakes like capitalization, spelling, and punctuation
    • IP: TSW work with a partner to check for elements of plot and character development in their partner's creative narrative
    • IP: TSW work on their revisions 

    Thursday, September 22nd:

    • Bellwork: Grammar Workbook: Identifying Prepositions 
    • GP: TSW review over transitions in narrative writing 
    • IP: TSW finish typing their creative narratives and submit it to Google Classroom (Assessment Grade)
    • Early Finishers: TSW work on the Flocabulary Lesson: Citing Evidence with Literary Story 
    • Extra Credit Due Today

    Friday, September 23rd: 

    • BW: Grammar Workbook: Identifying prepositional phrases 
    • TI and M: TTW remind students how those their age will encounter a common fear.
    • GP: TSW read the story "Tuesday of the Other June" on CommonLit 
    • IP: TSW answer questions about the story on Google Forms (Daily Grade)

    Looking Ahead

    • Intercession: September 26--October 7th
    • Students return Monday, October 10th