Weekly Agenda

  • The following agenda is subject to change at the teacher's discretion: 


    Week 1.6


    Monday: NO SCHOOL!

    Tuesday: Add/Sub Integers

    Wednesday: Add/Sub Integers

    Thursday: Study Guide

    Friday: Mixed Practice Test 1.1


    Week 1.7


    Monday: Multiply/Divide Integers

    Tuesday: Multiply/Divide Integers

    Wednesday: Integer Operations

    Thursday: iReady Day

    Friday: Integers Quiz


    Week 1.8


    Monday: Terminating/Repeating Decimals

    Tuesday: Negative Rational Operations

    Wednesday: Negative Rational Operations

    Thursday:  Study Guide

    Friday: Mixed Practice Test 1.2





    Important Dates

    • September 6: Labor Day Holiday
    • Sept 27- October 8: Intersession 1