• Week of September 9th


    Marching Band Rehearsals: Monday - everyone is inside at GHS, Tuesday - everyone at the Herb, and Thursday (location TBD).

    Tuesday Evening: Gulfport Percussion Theater interest meeting from 6:30-6:45.


    Friday Night football game vs Picayune



    1. The students will continue to work on the fundamentals of their instrument through the warm-up procedure.

    2. We will work toward a unified ensemble sound while working to be in better control of our tempo.

    3. We will work on Bronze and Silver level rudiments as a supplement to our warm-up procedures. 

    4. We will continue to work on RED (mvt. 2) and begin working harder on mvt 3.

    5. We are learning how to focus and to make intentional detailed decisions in real time.



    If you have any questions/concerns/conflicts with any of this information or performance dates, please email me at jimi.brown@gulfportschools.org.