English 4 is awesome!

SREB English 4

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    February 17-21 in Mrs. Batson’s HHS English 4 Class….

    Essential questions: How do I tell the story of my life up to this point? How can I write a descriptive, narrative essay about my life? What do I know about my future career? 

    Monday, February 17

    1. BW: tricky pronouns 
    2. AS: career research rubric 
    3. work on career research essay 
    4. edit career research essay   
    5. Closure: discuss essays 

    I can finish and edit a career essay.   

    Tuesday, February 18

    1. BR: tricky pronouns  
    2. AS: choice essay topics 
    3. brainstorm choice essay 2
    4. write choice essay 2  
    5. Closure:-exit ticket: What will you write this choice essay about? 

    I can brainstorm and write choice essay 2.    

    Wednesday, February 19 

    1. BR: tricky pronouns   
    2. AS:: review 6 week exam 
    3. take 6 week exam 
    4. work on choice essay 2/ any missing essays      
    5. Closure::- turn and talk: What is hard about the choice essays?  What questions do you have?  

    I can write choice essay 2. 

    Thursday, February 20

    Rising Stars and Advance in Finance  

    Friday, February 21  

    • BR: tricky pronouns  
    1. AS: choice essay topics/ personal narratives
    2. finish choice essay 2
    3. edit choice essay 2  
    4. Closure: Funny Friday    

    I can finish and edit my second choice essay.