Bayou View Elementary School (K-5)

What's Best for Children?

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Mission Statement

  • Gulfport School District Mission Statement
    The mission of the Gulfport School District is to inspire each student
     to become a problem solver, lifelong learner, and productive member of society.

       “Every Decision. What Is Best for Children? Every Time.”

Welcome to Bayou View Elementary

  • Bayou View Elementary School is a National Blue Ribbon School located in Gulfport, MS, and serves approximately 700 students in grades K-5.  Our curriculum is based upon the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards, in place within the Gulfport School District since 2011, in all grades (K-12). The standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and experts to provide a clear and consistent framework to prepare our children for college and a 21st century global economy.  Bayou View Elementary is an A-rated elementary school in the state of Mississippi. During the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years our 3rd grade students achieved a 100% pass rate on the Mississippi Gateway Assessment, which demonstrates our teachers' commitment to excellence in education.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year, Bayou View Elementary School maintained its level of academic excellence despite many challenges. Our 3rd grade students achieved a 97% pass rate on the Mississippi Gateway Assessment, and our Kindergarten students earned the highest average score in the past six years on the MKAS. We are especially proud that our elementary school earned recognition as a Kindness Certified School this year.

    Our staff is committed to rigor, relevance, and relationships. We accept all new students where they are academically, and take them where they need to be, and beyond. All of our students receive instruction in all the standard academic disciplines, as well as the extra-curricular disciplines of art, music, library sciences, and physical education. Spanish will be offered to students this year at BVE in conjunction with students' activity classes. Fourth and fifth grade students may enroll in strings class, which is taught two days per week, and feeds into our district's internationally-acclaimed secondary orchestra program. 





  • Why Choose the Gulfport School District?

    The Gulfport School District

    Dear Sir or Madam:
       From time to time I have the privilege to tell people about the Gulfport School District. The Gulfport School District has had a tremendous succession of outstanding years, allowing us as professionals to concentrate on our students and their educational programs. I know that we are not a perfect school system, and there are areas that can be improved, but I am impressed with the community - wide respect that we are afforded as educators. Taxpayers support us, parents encourage us, and the students, by and large, come to school daily, ready and eager to learn. In truth, our jobs are made easier by
    the absence of distractions and the respect this community holds for its scholars and learning in general.
       The Gulfport School District is successful because the teachers, administrators, and support staff have collectively agreed to roll up their sleeves and go about their work in a serious and professional manner. As a result, the majority of our students are challenged across a broad spectrum of classes and well
    - planned extracurricular activities.
       This is made possible because of the staff’s collective work ethic and a belief that our students are capable–physically, emotionally, and intellectually
    – of achievement levels much higher than might be expected elsewhere. As a district, we push children academically, we expect them to behave properly, and we are willing to invest of ourselves in helping them to understand everything from the basic rules of grammar to the complexities of human rights.

       As the Gulfport School District continues another year, I take this opportunity to thank you as community business people for the great effort and hard work you provide for our community and for the students of our school district. With your help and support, we are making the world incrementally a better place for everyone.


    In service to the youth of the Gulfport School District,


    Glen V. East

    Glen East, Superintendent