Lesson Plans

    This week in ICT I we will:  

    Monday, Oct 21st - Transportation/Distribution/Logistics Career Report 

    Tuesday, Oct 22nd - ACT Aspire in the AM, Typing, Lessons 13 & 14

    Wednesday, Oct 23rd -  ACT Aspire in the AM , Typing, Lessons 13 & 14

    Thursday, Oct 24th - Computer Basics/Vocabulary/IPSO

    Friday, Oct 25th - ST Math

    The following week in ICT I, we anticipate:

    Monday, October 28th - Typing!  Lessons 15 & 16, Due Thursday

    Tuesday, October 29th - We will explain the term 2 test grade project!  It is a Career Poster project due on Monday, November 4th!

    Wednesday, October 30th - Test on computer basics vocabulary and material from Unit 1 Code.org

    Thursday, October 31st - Typing!  Lessons 15 & 16, Due today

    Friday, November 1st - ST Math