• Lesson Plans October 25-29

    Gifted Outcomes:  affective skills, thinking skills, success skills, communication, creativity, information literacy

      SHalloween week projects

    • Monday-Halloween project-  Students will work in Tinkercad(3D software) to create a pumpkin for an LED candle
    •   Gifted outcomes:   thinking skills, success skills
    • Tuesday- Students will continue to work on pumpkin project and will print off on the 3D printer
    •   Gifted Outcomes:  success skills, thinking skills
    •  Wednesday-  Students will design  a monster creature and write a spooky story about their creature
    •    Gifted Outcomes:  communication , thinking skills
    • Thursday-  Students will continue to design and write their spooky stories 
    •     Gifted Outcomes:  communication, thinking skills, 
    • Friday-  Genius Hour-  Students will work on Genius Hour project.  Projects will be due on Nov. 19th
    •     Gifted Outcomes:  creativity, communication, information literacy