• Our Week at A Glance


           The students will wrap up a novel study of “The Green Book”, by Jill Patton Walsh.  Each day, the student will read one chapter and complete a swatch of their matchbook novel project.  After reading each day, the student will create a matchbook swatch that contains the central idea, a summary and a visual for each chapter.  The result will be a creative novel study which will be maintained on a file folder. The schedule for chapters is as follows:


    Monday: Chapter 5


    Tuesday: Chapter 6


    Wednesday: Chapter 7


    Thursday:  Complete any matchbooks which are incomplete, and glue down the last three chapters.  Design the cover for the matchbook project. Study vocabulary on quizlet using this link:  https://quizlet.com/_74893d 


    FridayThe Green Book Assessment (70%).

    Assignments Due this Week: 

    Green Book Assessment

    Pink Homework- due Friday.


    Bell Work-Vocabulary & Writing Skill

    The Green Book Lessons

    Quarter 1 Study Guide (Vocabulary & Writing Skills)

    Parent Guide to Google Classroom